Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Record link and how can I use it?

With Record Link you record directly from a satellite Set Top Box (STB) on video-tape by programming your STB only. Your video recorder has to be in standby-mode. 1. Make sure the STB is connected with a SCART cable to the AV 2-connection of your video recorder 2. Switch on the TV and then the video recorder. If required, select the program number for the video recorder 3. Press menu on the remote control of your video recorder 4. Go to RECORD SETUP with the cursor buttons and press » to confirm 5. Go to RECORD LINK with the cursor buttons and press » to select ON or OFF 6. Press status/exit to leave the menu 7. Insert a video cassette 8. Program the satellite STB to switch on on the right channel. Refer to the manual of the STB how to do it 9. Press standby/on on your video recorder.

The information on this page applies to the following models: VR550/07 .

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