How to improve the picture quality on Philips recorder?

1) Check the incoming signal. Splitting the signal will make it considerably weaker. * Test the incoming signal with a different video recorder on the same connection * Test your video recorder on a different connection 2) Check your cables and cable-connections. * Make all cables as short as possible * Use only fully screened SCART cables * Use good antenna-cable * Connect the plugs well into their sockets * Connect a SCART cable between the video recorder and your TV and use it for video playback instead of the antenna cable 3) Check the video cassettes you use. They might be old or of bad quality. Check them on another video recorder or test a new cassette on your own recorder. 4) Check the tracking of the tape in your video recorder: * Press programme ? and programme + simultaneously during play back * Press stop and press play . Tracking is reset now.

The information on this page applies to the following models: VR550/07 .

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