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    What to do if the front LED light blinks in a repeating pattern?

    Published on 2021-06-20


    The TV does not show image or play sound and will not start. The front LED (standby) light blinks in a repeating pattern.


    Ensure that:

    • The power plug is firmly connected to both the TV and the wall socket side

    • The Philips logo and/or TV menu is not showing


    Proceed with the steps below:

    1. Startup into standby

    After switching the TV ON with the button or joystick on the TV, the TV screen stays black but the LED light switches ON. If the front LED (standby) light is ON, the TV is still in standby. Switch the TV ON with the [standby] button on the remote control.

    Note: Many of the 2015 and 2016 TV models show a “pulsing” LED (standby) light when the TV is switched ON. This is intentional behaviour of the TV to indicate that the TV is “loading” (starting up). When the LED light stops pulsing, the TV will be fully functional and can be controlled with the TV remote control.

    If the TV does not switch ON, proceed with step 2.

    2. Perform a power cycle

    • Unplug all cables, accessories and devices from the TV. This includes a CAM module, if applicable

    • Wait for at least one minute (after the LED light has switched off)

    • Replug the power cable without reconnecting any of the disconnected cables, accessories and devices. When the LED light stays ON, and the TV does not automatically switch ON, the TV can be switched on with the [standby] button on the remote control.

    If the TV does not start up, repeat the power cycle of step 2. If the TV remains unable to switch ON after the power cycles, proceed with step 3.

    If the TV starts up, ensure to update the TV’s software to improve the TV’s functionality:
    Click here to visit the Philips support web page to find the latest software version and instructions to update the TV, or proceed with the the related article below; ”How to update the software of the TV?”.

    3. Test a different electrical socket

    Do not use power strips of any kind for this test and try a different wall mains socket to makes sure that the socket used is optimal for the TV.
    Note: make sure the tested sockets are not faulty. Try a different electronic device to verify, for example, if the voltage of the power supply is sufficient.

    If the TV starts up, ensure to keep providing a sufficient power supply to the TV. Contact the electricity company or an electrician if a power socket is suspected to be faulty.

    If the TV does not start up, proceed with step 4.

    4. Contact Philips TV Support

    If the LED light on the TV still blinks and the TV will not switch ON after the steps above, contact the dedicated Philips TV Support department.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 32PHT4504/05 , 24PHS4354/12 , 24PHS4304/12 , 24PHT4304/05 , 65OLED803/12 , 55OLED803/12 , 65OLED873/12 , 65OLED973/12 , 49PUS6803/12 , 55PUS6803/12 , 50PUS6753/12 , 65PUS6753/12 , 43PUS6753/12 , 55PUS6753/12 , 65PUS7803/12 , 65PUS8503/12 , 65PUS8303/12 , 50PFS5803/12 , 75PUS8303/12 , 65PUS6523/12 , 50PFT5503/05 , 43PFS5803/12 , 50PUS6523/12 , 49PUS7803/12 , 43PFT5503/05 , 43PUS6523/12 , 75PUS7803/12 , 55PUS7803/12 , 55PUS6523/12 , 49PUS8503/12 , 49PUS8303/12 , 32PFS5803/12 , 55PUS8503/12 , 55PUS8303/12 , 32PHT4503/05 , 65PUS6503/12 , 65PUS7303/12 , 65PUS6703/12 , 22PFT5303/05 , 55PUS7503/12 , 55PUS6703/12 , 55PUS6503/12 , 50PUS6703/12 , 50PUS6503/12 , 49PUS7503/12 , 43PUS6703/12 , 24PFT5303/05 , 43PUS6503/12 , 50PUS7383/12 , 50PUS7373/12 , 50PUS7303/12 , 32PFT5603/05 , 55PUS7383/12 , 55PUS7373/12 , 55PUS7303/12 , 43PUS7383/12 , 43PUS7373/12 , 43PUS7303/12 , 24PFT5603/05 , 32PHT4032/05 , 43PFT4132/05 , 24PHT4022/05 , 49PUS6162/12 , 55PUS6162/12 , 49PUS6262/12 , 24PHT4032/05 , 32PFT4132/05 , 32PHT4132/05 , 24PFT5231/05 , 55POS901F/12 , 22PFT4031/05 , 49PFT4131/05 , 43PFT4131/05 , 32PHT4131/05 , 24PHT4031/05 , 65PUS7601/12 , 32PHH4101/88 , 40PFS5501/12 , 32PHT4001/05 , 49PFT4001/05 , 43PFT4001/05 , 32PFS5501/12 , 65PUS6521/12 , 43PUS6401/12 , 49PUS6401/12 , 43PUS6501/12 , 55PUS7181/12 , 55PUS6401/12 , 49PUS7181/12 , 49PUS6551/12 , 49PUS6561/12 , 32PFS6401/12 , 55PUS7101/12 , 55PUS6561/12 , 55PUS6551/12 , 49PUS7101/12 , 43PUT4900/12 , 55PUT4900/12 , 49PUT4900/12 , 55PUS8601/12 , 32PFT6500/12 , 32PFT5500/12 , 48PFT5500/12 , 40PFT6510/12 , 55PUT6400/12 , 50PUT6400/12 , 50PFT6550/12 , 50PFT6510/12 , 40PUT6400/12 , 40PFH4100/88 , 48PFH4100/88 , 32PHH4100/88 , 22PFH4000/88 , 24PHH4000/88 , 24PHH5210/88 , 50PUS6809/12 , 55PFS5709/12 , 65PFS6659/12 , 55PFH5209/88 , 55PFS6609/12 , 49PUS7809/12 , 55PUS7809/12 , 65PFL9708S/12 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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