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    When should I replace my DreamWear Full Face Mask?

    Published on 2018-04-23

    To find out when you should replace your Philips DreamWear Full Face Mask, please read below.

    Replacing your equipment is an important step to achieve a successful sleep therapy. The masks are disposable, hence they need periodic replacement when they show signs of wear and tear, such as stiffness, cracks or tears.

    Here are a few signs that should indicate when to replace your mask or mask parts:

    The seal of the cushion has deteriorated

    Facial oils can deteriorate the sealing effect of the DreamWear Mask cushions over time, even with proper hygiene. When this happens, do not try to solve this issue by tightening the headgear. This will just cause additional discomfort and leaks. Instead, we advise you to replace your mask.

    Your DreamWear mask doesn't fit properly

    If your DreamWear mask does not fit properly, you will find yourself readjusting it continuously. This can reduce its efficiency. In this case, please contact your provider to get the mask re-fitted.

    Your DreamWear mask is damaged by improper cleaning

    Only use mild soapy water to clean your DreamWear mask. Using soaps with moisturisers or perfumes can damage the mask. Once damaged, the mask needs to be replaced.

    Your DreamWear mask shows signs of ageing or damage

    Your mask can show signs of ageing or damage if it is:

    1) Leaking;

    2) Cushions have lost their original shape;

    3) Components or cushions have become cracked or torn.

    Check with your homecare provider regarding replacement options through your insurance policy.

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