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    How can I clean my Philips DreamWear Full Face mask?

    Published on 2018-04-23

    To find out how you should clean your Philips DreamWear Full Face mask, please follow our simple instructions below:

    Cleaning instructions for DreamWear Full Face mask

    Cleaning your DreamWear Full Face mask every day is a very important part of mask maintenance.

    1) Disassemble the mask according to the instructions that came in the original packaging with your mask.

    2) Wash the mask components in warm water with mild soap and let air dry.

    3) If there happens to be any remaining moisture in the tube before therapy is started, connecting it to the CPAP with pressure before you put it on can help to remove this.

    Note: Always wash your face thoroughly before using your mask. Avoid using skin lotions before putting on your mask.

    Which products can I use for cleaning my DreamWear mask?

    Only use mild soapy water to clean your DreamWear Full Face mask.

    Avoid soap with moisturisers. Do not use bleach, alcohol or cleaning solutions containing alcohol.

    Is my DreamWear Full Face mask dishwasher safe?

    Your DreamWear Full Face mask can be cleaned in the dishwasher once a week.

    The non-fabric parts can be washed weekly on the top shelf of the dishwasher and air dried.

    How should I clean my mask headgear?

    The headgear does not need to be removed for daily cleaning. However, it should be washed weekly or as needed. It can be washed by hand in warm soapy water. Lay it flat or line dry. Do not place it in the dryer.

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