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    How can I connect my phone to the Philips SmartSleep Sleep & Wake-Up Light?

    Published on 2021-12-15
    To find out how to connect your phone to your Wake-Up Light, please follow our simple instructions below.

    Connecting your Wake-Up Light to your phone

    Follow the steps below to connect your Wake-Up Light to your phone for the first time: 

    1.    Download the Philips SleepMapper App from Google Play or the App Store on your smartphone. This app is compatible with Android 7 and above and iOS 12.0 and higher . If you cannot find the app in your phone, it means that the Android or iOS version that you are using is not supported by this app, or the app is not available in your country. The app is also not available for Windows phones yet. It has not been developed or tested for use on tablets .
    2.    Turn on your Sleep & Wake-Up Light, you will now see a set-up wizard on your light.
    3.    Select your desired language for the display on your light.
    4.    Now, open the Philips SleepMapper App on your phone and follow the instructions on the app to connect it to your Wake-Up Light.

    You only need to take the above steps the first time you connect your Wake-Up Light to your home Wi-Fi. This setup takes approximately five to ten minutes.

    If you are already using your Wake-Up Light  without an internet connection and would like to connect it to the Philips SleepMapper App now, then follow the steps below.

    1.    Open your setting menu and press and hold the Wi-Fi icon on your Wake-Up  Light for 8 seconds. You will now see an access point mode icon (Image 1)  on your device .
    2.    Open the Philips SleepMapper App on your smartphone and follow the instructions on it to connect it to your Wake-Up Light. 

    Note: These instructions also need to be followed in case you change your Wi-Fi home network or password.
    Note: The Wake-Up Light only connects with Wi-Fi. Other methods of connectivity such as Bluetooth are not available.  
    Philips Access Point

    Connecting your Wake-Up Light with a new phone

    If your Wake-Up Light  is already connected to the SleepMapper App and you have a new phone, then you need to take the following steps to connect them.

    1.    In your old phone, remove the Wake-Up Light by going to the "More" tab in the app. Then, click on "Forget Device". 
    2.    Install  the app on your new smartphone.
    3.    Follow the instructions in the app to complete the setup.

    Note: If you do not have your old phone anymore, you will have to reset your Wake-Up Light .  You can reset your Wake-Up Light by using the reset button located on the back of the device. To press the reset button, you can insert a small pin. Follow instructions 2 and 3 above to complete the setup.   

    Can I connect more than one Wake-Up Light to my phone?

    You can only connect one Wake-Up Light to a single phone. If you have multiple lights in your house, you can connect them to different phones.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HF3671/01 .

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