Baby monitors & thermometers

Digital baby thermometer set

    Digital baby thermometer set

    Easy and reliable temperature measurement

    Digital thermometer soother for easy and accurate measurement.

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Easy and reliable temperature measurement

  • Digital thermometer for easy and accurate measurement

    Fast, reliable and accurate digital thermometer for measuring the baby's temperature.

  • Quick and reliable temperature measurement within seconds

    Never too hot, never too cold — the "Just Right" digital thermometer quickly tells you if the milk or food is safe to eat or drink. It takes the guessing out of warming bottles or jars and is great for checking if food is still warm enough after taking a short break in feeding.

  • Dimpled shield prevents skin irritation

    Dimples make sure air flows behind the teat to protect your baby's sensitive skin from irritation.

  • Designed especially for newborn babies

    The soother's specially shaped silicon teat is designed to fit your baby's mouth and will not inhibit natural development. Use it with confidence to pacify your baby.

  • Includes a soother in the size for a newborn baby

    You can put the soother regularly in your baby's mouth to stimulate him or her to get used to it. It works like any normal soother.

  • Allows boiling or sterilising without damaging electronics

    By detaching the sensitive temperature measuring electronics from the soother, you can safely sterilise or boil the part your baby comes into contact with.

  • Teat suitable for sterilising or boiling

    Thanks to the special material, you can safely sterilise the soother's teat in a microwave oven or electrical steriliser or boil it without harming the soother.

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