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    The Ambilight TV that doesn’t know where to stop. The Xtra comes loaded with MiniLED tech for punchy picture. Cinematic Dolby Vision &Atmos. Hyper-speed next-gen gaming. And bursting with smarts.Too much? 300%.

    The Xtra

    A stunning, MiniLED display, 3D Dolby Atmos, and lightning-fast 120 Hz VRR with FreeSync Premium combine to make the 9008 a formidable entertainment machine.

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    Meet the Xtra

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    Philips Xtra LED and MiniLED comparison

    What is MiniLED?


    MiniLED displays are lit by thousandsof extra-tiny LEDs. Delivering picture that’s more precise than regular LED TVs. For bolder colours, crisperwhites, and blackout blacks.

    Philips Xtra Smart tv

    Xtra smart


    An intuitive OS gets you to what you love, fast. Browse new shows by category. Find recommendations across services. And control with your voice with Google Assistant & Alexa support.

    Philips Xtra cinematic sound

    Xtra cinematic


    Whirring choppers. Swelling soundtracks.Dolby Atmos places each detail precisely in the space around and above you. The 9308* adds front-firing Bowers & Wilkins sound for even bigger bass.


    *The Xtra 9308 will be available soon.

    Philips Xtra has the P5 Picture Engine

    Xtra punchy


    The brains behind the beauty. The P5 picture engine analyses each frame,intensifying colours, bumping upcontrast, upscaling to 4K detail, and making motion silky smooth.

    Philips Xtra has Gaming tv features

    Xtra chaos


    Enjoy warp-speed gaming thanks to an automatic, low-lag game mode, 120 Hz variable refresh rate, and stutter-crushing,tear-busting FreeSync Premium.

    Home Sound Made Easy technology can use in Philips Xtra TVs

    Home sound made easy

    Choose the best products to easily get cinematic home sound.

    Meet the Philips Ambilight TVs

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    Your questions, answered

    What is MiniLED technology?

    ompared to conventional LED TV panels, MiniLEDs are lit by much smaller lights. This means you can fit more of them in – thousands in fact. For more precise picture, with better contrast, colour, and brightness.

    What screen sizes are available?

    The Xtra 9008 is available in 55”, 65”, and 75”. The Xtra 9308 will be available in 55” and 65”.

    Are MiniLED TVs suitable for bright rooms?

    Yes. At 1000 nits, The Xtra is capable of the twice the peak brightness of conventional LED TVs. For exceptional performance, even in bright rooms.

    Does The Xtra support HDR content?

    Yes. The Xtra supports content in a range of HDR formats, including HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision.

    What is an Ambilight TV?

    On the back of every Ambilight TV, responsive LEDs react to what you watch, play, or listen to. Filling your wallwith a halo of light that makes TV feel bigger and more immersive.

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