6800 series Ultra Slim 4K UHD LED Smart TV

139 cm (55") Ambilight TV, 1200 Picture Performance Index, HDR Plus, Pixel Precise Ultra HD 49PUS6803/12

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if an app does not work? [Smart TV]


● An issue with the video or sound content playback occurs while the app is used.
● A black screen shows when the app is selected.
● The app crashes or shows an error message.


Ensure that:
● the software is up-to-date
● the app was opened from the TV's app platform, no external Smart device is used
● other apps are functional
● an Internet connection is successfully established.


Follow the steps below when the app content playback is interrupted or hangs, to verify the causes of the issue. When an error message is shown, please skip to the last paragraph of the article below about error messages.

1. Clear the Internet memory

Press “Home” button on the remote control of the television and select:
[Setup] > [Network] or [Network Settings] > [Clear Internet Memory] or [Clear App memory]


Press “Settings” button on the remote control of the television and select:
[All settings] > [Network] > [Clear Internet Memory]

The cookies and browsing history will be deleted. A confirmation will not be shown. Verify is the video playback is working correctly.

2. Restart the TV

● Pull the TV's power plug from the power socket.
● Disconnect all devices from the TV.
● After at least two minutes, reconnect the power plug again, leaving the external devices disconnected.
● Switch the television on from standby with the power button.
● Reconnect the external devices if needed.

3. Refresh the App whitelist

For instructions how to refresh the TVs app whitelist see the related articles and click on the FAQ “What to do if an app cannot be opened via SmartTV dashboard? (refresh app whitelist)”

If options above do not resolve the problem reinstall the TV:

To find more instructions on how to reinstall the TV see the related articles.

Error messages
The app developer can show an error message within the app. Verify the shown error with the app developer for further assistance.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 49PUS6803/12 , 55PUS6803/12 , 50PUS6753/12 , 65PUS6753/12 , 43PUS6753/12 , 55PUS6753/12 , 50PFS5803/12 , 65PUS6523/12 , 43PFS5803/12 , 50PUS6523/12 , 43PUS6523/12 , 55PUS6523/12 , 32PFS5803/12 , 65PUS6503/12 , 65PUS6703/12 , 43PUS6703/12 , 55PUS6703/12 , 55PUS6503/12 , 50PUS6703/12 , 50PUS6503/12 , 43PUS6503/12 , 43PUT4900/12 , 55PUT4900/12 , 49PUT4900/12 , 40PFH4100/88 , 48PFH4100/88 , 32PHH4100/88 , 22PFH4000/88 , 24PHH5210/88 , 24PHH4000/88 , 40PFH4109/88 , 65PFS6659/12 , 55PFT6309/12 , 55PFS5709/12 , 48PFS5709/12 , 47PFT6309/12 , 42PFT6309/12 , 40PFS5709/12 , 55PFH5209/88 , 48PFS6609/12 , 55PFS6609/12 , 48PFT5509/12 , 32PHH4109/88 , 50PFH4319/88 , 47PFH5209/88 , 40PFH4319/88 , 32PHT4509/12 , 32PHH4319/88 , 40PFS6609/12 , 50PFT4509/12 , 50PFH4109/88 , 20PHH4109/88 , 22PFH4109/88 . more less

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