6800 series Ultra Slim 4K UHD LED Smart TV

123 cm (49") Ambilight TV, 1200 Picture Performance Index, HDR Plus, Pixel Precise Ultra HD 49PUS6803/12

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(VIDEO) How to set up your Philips TV

How to set up your Philips TV

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The information on this page applies to the following models: 49PUS6803/12 , 55PUS6803/12 , 50PUS6753/12 , 65PUS6753/12 , 43PUS6753/12 , 55PUS6753/12 , 65PUS6523/12 , 50PUS6523/12 , 43PUS6523/12 , 55PUS6523/12 , 65PUS6503/12 , 65PUS6703/12 , 43PUS6703/12 , 55PUS6703/12 , 55PUS6503/12 , 50PUS6703/12 , 50PUS6503/12 , 43PUS6503/12 . more less

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