Bodygroom 7000 Showerproof body groomer

4D contour following shaver, Integrated trimmer (3-11 mm), 80 min runtime, 1 hour charge, Unique dual-sided design BG7025/13

Frequently Asked Questions

For which body parts can I use the appliance?

This appliance can be used to trim and shave hair 'below the neck line'. Do not use it for any other purpose.

Why not?

The Bodygroom is specifically designed to prevent skin damage, especially on sensitive skin areas such as underarms and the pubic zone. The cutters, foil and even the comb are specifically designed for safety. This also implies that the Bodygroom will not shave as close as a regular facial shaver.

If you use a Bodygroom to shave your face, you may experience reduced performance or skin damage.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BG7025/13 , BG3015/13 , BG3010/13 , BG5020/13 , TT2039/13 , BG2034/13 , TT2039/15 , TT2040/32 , BG2024/15 , BG2036/32 , BG2039/40 , TT2021/50 , TT2020/15 , BG2040/34 , TT2021/35 , TT2023/30 , BG2030/60 , TT2030/61 , TT2030/36 , TT2030/10 , TT2030/60 , TT2021/32 , TT2021/36 , TT2021/33 , TT2021/34 , BG2022/30 , TT2022/30 , TT2021/31 , TT2021/30 , BG2020/31 , TT2020/35 , TT2020/31 , TT2020/30 . more less

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