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    How can I remove and attach the shaving head of my Philips Lady Shaver?

    Published on 10 November 2022
    Replacing the head of your Philips Lady Shaver is easy. It is important to check that the shaving foil is not dirty, damaged or worn out. This will cause skin irritation and negatively affect the performance of the product. If it is damaged it needs to be replaced immediately.

    Your lady shaver requires regular cleaning to function properly. Hair or debris can get stuck in the device and affect its performance. Ensure that you clean it thoroughly after each use. Protect the foil by attaching a cap or comb during storage.

    When you want to change an attachment, clean the head, or replace the shaving foil, you can easily detach the applicable part.

    Please follow the steps below or watch the video for helpful advice.
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    Attaching the shaving head

    To attach a head, simply press it onto the handle of the shaver. 
    Attaching the shaving head of the Philips Lady Shaver

    Detaching the shaving head

    To detach the shaving head, press the release button on the back of the shaver.
    Detaching the shaving head of the Philips Lady Shaver

    Removing the foil

    Some models have a release button for the foil.

    To remove the shaving foil, release the slide on the back of the shaving head to the right (image 1).

    To remove the shaving foil (without the release button), carefully pull it out by its teeth (image 2).
    Removing The Foil
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