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    How do I charge my Philips SatinShave?

    Published on 10 November 2022
    Follow the instructions below or watch the video to find out how you can properly charge your Philips SatinShave. 

    You should charge your Philips depilation device when the charging indicator on the body of your appliance signals low battery. If your appliance does not have a battery indicator on it, then charge it whenever the appliance is working slower than usual.

    Make sure that you always use the designated charging cable which came with your depilation appliance. If you have lost your original charger, you can buy a replacement from our online shop or contact us for help. 

    Safely charge your device in dry conditions by using the original, undamaged cable, do not leave the product unattended and unplug after charging.

    1. Switch off the product.
    2. Insert the small charging plug into the product charging socket and put the power plug in the wall outlet. If your product comes with a USB cable, we recommend connecting the USB cable to an IPX-4 USB wall adapter (Philips type: HQ87). If you do not have an IPX-4 adapter, you can purchase it via the Philips Parts and Accessories Online Shop.

    Note: Check if the shape of the charging plug allows it to fit into the device completely. Do not force it in, as this may damage the device.

    Battery status indicator
    You should charge your devices when the charging indicator flashes orange. This indicates that the battery is low.

    3. The battery status indicator on your device will start flashing to indicate that the device is charging. Once the device is fully charged, the battery status indicator lights up continuously for approximately 30 minutes and then automatically turns off to save energy.

    If the product is fully charged and still connected to the electrical outlet, the battery indicator flashes a few times when you press the on/off button. This reminds you to disconnect the product from the electrical outlet before using.

    No battery status indicator
    3. If your appliance does not have a battery status indicator on it, charge it whenever the device is working slower than usual. Consider that for most appliances, normal charging time is between 1 to 10 hours via the mains. Check your model's specifications for its charging instructions.

    Often these products have a connection indication on the handle or the charger that lights up to indicate that they're connected to the power outlet.

    4. After charging, unplug the charger from the power outlet and the appliance. Your appliance is now ready to use.

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