Sensational freshly brewed coffee!

    SENSEO® Descaler removes limescale from your SENSEO® coffee machine so that you can fully enjoy the fresh taste of SENSEO® coffee. Regular descaling prolongs the life of your SENSEO® coffee machine.


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Sensational freshly brewed coffee!

Descaler for all SENSEO® machines

  • Descaler for all SENSEO® machines

    Descaling is an important element in Senseo maintenance. It should be done at least once every three months, up to six times a year! Keeping your Senseo free of scale will: Ensure you have maximum cup volume; ensure you have maximum coffee temperature; make your Senseo produce less sound while brewing; prevent your Senseo from malfunctioning; prolong your Senseo's life.

  • SENSEO® descaling process for all SENSEO® machines

    The descaling process takes about one hour and should not be interrupted. Only use a descaling agent based on citric acid in the Senseo. Other agents, including vinegar, may damage your appliance or not remove the scale entirely. If the procedure is not performed correctly, scale residue may remain in the machine. This causes scale to build up more quickly and may cause permanent and irreparable damage to the machine. For the right procedure to descale your type of Senseo, please review the directions for use.

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