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    Wings for Life World Run | Philips sports headphones

    Proud partners of Wings for Life World Run, supporting each step towards a cure for spinal cord injury.  

    Run wild and free with thousands of others worldwide and all at the same time. Go as far as we can until you hear your Philips GO headphones tell you when the catcher car catches up with you - doing this not just for yourself, but for a good cause, as all of the entrance fee goes to spinal cord research.

    Three Wings for Life World Run participants are joyfully running, wearing Philips sports headphones.
    Four Wings for Life World Run participants are running at sunset, wearing Philips sports headphones.


    In 2022 we saw 161,892 participants, from 192 nations, in 165 countries. (That’s a sound achievement, but let’s see how many thousands more can join the run!).

    Join us for the run in 2024:

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    Will you take part on May 5, 2024?

    Wings for live Worl run introduction video
    A participant in the run is checking their phone, waiting for the catcher car to start

    See how we run

    This is all about running with others in mind. Putting your best foot forward. And letting yourself go. So when the run happens at the same time around the world, it means if a participant in Sweden starts at 13:00, then another runner in Finland would start at 14:00, in Florida at 7:00 and so on.

    A participant in the run is running confidently in an old town

    Beat your PB

    It’s not just you personal best run, this is the personal best that you can achieve for others. You see, a virtual car within the app begins its pursuit 30 minutes after you start your race at 14 km per hour, and it steadily increases its speed until the last of the runners have been caught. Once the car catches up with you, it means you’ve finished your race.

    Four participants in the run are running together on the beach.

    Raise your feet to raise more

    Every single part of your entry fee or donation goes to Wings for Life—a non-profit organisation who aim to help find a cure for spinal cord injury. Ever since 2004, the Wings for Life team have funded research projects and clinical studies around in globe with an aim to find a cure for spinal cord injury. And over the last ten years, €43,800,000 has been raised so far!

    How to take part

    app run - how does the app run work
    Wings for Life World Run - Flagship Run

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