Shaver series 7000 Wet and dry electric shaver

SkinGlide Rings, GentlePrecision Blades, BeardAdapt Sensor, Personal Shave Plan S7930/16


How do I change the settings on my Philips Shaver S7000?

The sensitive shave settings on your Philips Shaver S7000 can only be changed through the Philips GroomTribe App. By default, the shaver is set to S (sensitive). Via the app you can change the settings to XS (extra sensitive) or N (normal). The symbols S and XS on the shaver indicate which setting you have selected. For some shaver models the N symbol is not displayed on the shaver.

Philips Shaver S7000 Settings

The information on this page applies to the following models: S7930/16 , S7970/26 , S7960/17 , S7921/51 . more less

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