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    Privacy monitors

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      Privacy mode icon

      Privacy mode

      Instant privacy without the hassle of a screen protector

      At the touch of a button, the screen’s brightness darkens and its viewing angles retract, rendering visual hacking virtually impossible while you continue to enjoy clear visuals at the center.
      Webcam pop up icon

      Pop-up Webcam

      Instant privacy without the hassle of a screen protector

      Windows Hello TM pop-up foldable webcam features facial recognition and can be discreetly tucked away when not in use, thus preventing potential unwelcome viewers.

      Privacy Mode: secure your data

      Simply press a button to enter Privacy Mode, your screen appears dark and barely seen from both sides, but keeps clear visuals at the center. You can secure confidential, sensitive or private data from visual hacking. A convenient switch allows you to quickly toggle between Privacy Mode and wide-viewing mode.
      Privacy mode icon

      Privacy Mode Quick Button

      Privacy Mode Quick Button video

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