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    Philips High-Speed Blenders
    Enjoy delicious, healthy smoothies at home

    Make the tastiest smoothies, sauces and soups in an instant with a Philips blender. Finding a healthy breakfast routine or favourite snack can not be easier with a Philips high-speed blender.

    High-Speed Blenders from Philips

    Discover Philips high-speed blenders

    Avance Collection

    Up to 35,000 rpm

    Enjoy smoother smoothies and blends with just the right taste and texture

    5000 Series

    On-the-go bottle
    Enjoy healthy homemade smoothies even on the go

    3000 Series

    Unique ProBlend system
    Designed to ensure smooth blending with no lumps

    Daily Collection

    All in one compact design
    Always at hand on your kitchen counter top

    Product warranty, Philips, 2 years warranty

    Product warranty

    2 year product warranty 
    from date of purchase

    Extra healthy smoothies at your fingertips with high-speed blenders from Philips

    Fiber-rich smoothies

    Fibre-rich smoothies

    For vegetables, fruits, leafy vegetables, dairy, grains, nuts - even ice cream

    Mode select Philips Blenders

    Mode select

    From gentle blending for soft fruits, to a burst of power for harder ingredients

    Easy cleaning Philips Blenders

    Easy cleaning

    Enjoy the convenience of removable accessories that you can easily clean

    Dishwasher safe Philips Blenders

    Dishwasher safe

    All detachable parts* of your Philips blender are dishwasher safe

    *Except for the blade unit, which can be easily rinsed clean

    Philips High-Speed Blender
    Healthy smoothies at home

    Healthy smoothies at home

    Using a blender to make smoothies is an easy way to add more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. They are super tasty and contains nutritious ingredients that are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

    Delicious smoothies with no effort

    Delicious smoothies

    with no effort

    With a push of a button Philips blender makes it possible to mix both hard and soft ingredients, which means that you can easily use your blender for a variety of meals, smoothies and drinks.

    Effective on hard ingredients

    Effective on hard ingredients

    Philips blenders move up to 35,000 RPM. This makes them extremely effecient on harder ingredients, such as frozen berries, nuts and ice cream. The ingredients are finely divided, evenly throughout the jug.

    Choose from the different modes

    Choose from the different modes

    Use the blender for filling smoothies for breakfast, protein-rich drinks after exercise, homemade ice cream for the evening treat or crush ice- no problem! With Philips blenders, you can adjust the settings according to the ingredients to always ensure a good result.

    Philips NutriU app, smart app for recipes

    Get inspired and find recipes

    in the NutriU app

    The NutriU app* is loaded with recipes, tips and recommendations. Make delicious juices or healthy smoothies and get inspired by our best recipes!


    *Available on App Store and Google Play

    Download the app for free:

    Easy cleaning

    Easy cleaning

    All detachable parts of your Philips blender are dishwasher safe—except for the blade unit, which can be easily rinsed clean. The base can be wiped clean if needed.

    Find the best High-Speed Blender for you

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    Get answers to the most frequently asked questions

    What does a high-speed blender do?

    Mix a smoothie for breakfast, a soup for dinner or why not make your own peanut butter? A blender from Philips makes it possible to mix both hard and soft ingredients, which means that you can easily use your blender for a variety of meals, smoothies and drinks. 

    Thanks to sharp knives, it is easy to mix a shortcrust pastry for the pie, or a pesto for the pasta in no time. Many blenders have features that are tailored to specific purposes such as ice crusher, pulse (perfect for smoothies) or even vacuum. There are also blenders with a manual rotation mode, which makes it easy for you to adjust the speed according to your ingredients and the 
    consistency you want. 

    Which high-speed blender should I choose?

    When choosing a blender, it is important to keep in mind what your primary purpose is. If you want to quickly mix a smoothie or a soup without hard ingredients, a simpler variant with a not so strong engine can do the job. But if you want to be able to mix frozen or hard ingredients such as ice cream, berries or nuts, you should look at a blender that is more powerful. 

    A blender from Philips with a higher speed is also called a high-speed blender and can mix your ingredients faster and smoother than a blender that does not have the same high speed.

    What is the difference between a high-speed blender and a hand blender?

    Unlike a hand blender, a blender is more powerful and it is usually faster to mix your ingredients with a blender compared to a hand blender. It is also possible to mix larger volumes more efficiently in a blender and often blenders have a variety of settings that allow you to easily crush ice and other hard ingredients smoothly. 

    A hand mixer is effective if you want to mix sauces, stir-fries or, for example, soups directly in the saucepan. With the hand mixer you can mix all your ingredients in the jar or bowl you want to store them in, which allows you to mix, seal and store in no time.  

    What is the difference between a high-speed blender and a food processor?

    A food processor, also called a mixer, usually has more functions than a blender has thanks to a variety of accessories. In addition to mixing, a food processor usually also manages to grind, slice and knead dough, which makes it an effective kitchen tool for several different purposes. 

    A food processor is larger and therefore takes up more space than a blender does, which makes the blender feel smoother and easier to pick up and use. Before purchasing a kitchen appliance, it is therefore a good idea to identify your needs so that you are sure that you are buying the right machine for your purposes. 

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