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    How to make the best green smoothies

    If you haven’t had a green smoothie before, now’s the time. They’re trendy, they’re easy to prepare for breakfast in the morning and, more importantly, they’re delicious. Once you know the basics of how to make a green smoothie, you can come up with as many variations as you like. Let’s get started.
    Green smoothie

    Healthy green smoothies: The basic recipe

    Looking for a simple, got-to green smoothie recipe? Here’s the basic ingredients most green smoothie recipes for beginners require and two simple steps to create your green smoothie.




    • 80g leafy vegetables (spinach or kale)
    • 240ml of liquid (water, coconut water or almond milk)
    • Fruit of your choice



    1. Put all the ingredients in a smoothie-grade blender, like the Philips Innergizer High Speed Blender.
    2. Blend them together and your smoothie is done.


    It’s as simple as that! Remember: it’s best to drink green smoothies right after preparing them.

    What you need

    Avance Collection

    Innergizer High-Speed Blender


    Avance Collection Innergizer High-Speed Blender


    Mastering the green smoothie


    Now that you know the basics of how to make a green smoothie, you can create endless simple green smoothie recipes just by switching up the ingredients you use. Here are some tips to try out when you’re experimenting with green smoothie recipes.


    • Since leafy vegetables contain a lot of liquid, a green leaf smoothie can easily become watery. You can compensate for this with the fruit you choose. Banana, peach or avocado, for example, will give your smoothie a thicker consistency. Try our super smoothie, which uses spinach as a base and frozen banana as a thickener.
    • Don’t be afraid to get creative with your ingredients – as long as they’re edible! Spinach, kale, and cabbage may be classics, but did you know you can also make simple green smoothies out of carrot tops?
    • You don’t have to stick to just one green per smoothie. Our green salad smoothie, for instance, uses celery, lettuce, and mint.
    • Don’t get too wrapped up in the green aesthetic that you miss out on delicious flavour combinations. Try slicing up some strawberries, mango or other bright coloured fruits and drop them into your green smoothie. The contrast will look great and taste even better.
    • For additional protein and texture, try adding nuts or seeds to your smoothie, such as hemp seeds. Just one tablespoon of hemp seeds contains 9.47g of protein.*

    One of the great things about smoothies is how versatile they are. There are plenty of green smoothie recipes out there, and you can always tweak them to make the smoothie your own. Have fun experimenting and enjoy the reward of a delicious green leaf smoothie.


    *Medical News Today

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