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      Philips headphones

      Philips headphones

      Keep your music close


      Whatever you love to listen to, love the superb sound and comfort of our headphones. Explore rugged models for active lifestyles. Sleek true wireless earbuds. Or premium wireless and wired over-ear Fidelio headphones—tuned for music lovers.

      Our favourites

      Fidelio L3 over-ear wireless headphones

      Get inside the music


      • Philips Fidelio. Crafted for listening
      • Natural, balanced sound
      • Immerse in your music. Noise Cancelling Pro+
      • Leather/metal premium finish

      T8505 in-ear true wireless headphones

      Love the sound. Love the look.


      • Hybrid Active Noise Canceling (Pro ANC)
      • Powerful 40 mm drivers in a compact flat-fold design
      • Custom sound control with Philips Headphones app
      • Dual-connectivity for seamless switching between devices

      Philips Fidelio

      Philips Fidelio

      Crafted for listeners

      FAQ icon

      Your questions, answered

      How do I connect or pair my Philips Bluetooth/true wireless headphones?

      Please refer to the manual for your specific Philips headphones. If you no longer have the manual, you can download the Philips Headphones app and find it there.

      What is noise cancelling? How does noise cancelling work?

      Our noise-cancelling headphones feature tiny microphones that pick up ambient noise around you. Then on-board electronics create a noise-cancelling wave, which is the exact opposite to the ambient noise. This wave acts like a noise eraser, cancelling unwanted sounds without noticeably diminishing the quality of your music. 

      How do bone-conduction headphones work?

      Standard headphones send soundwaves to your eardrums, which vibrate in tune with the sounds you’re hearing. Bone-conduction headphones vibrate your cheekbones and cochlea (a bone in the inner ear), bypassing the eardrum altogether.


      This lets you listen without wearing headphones in, or on, your ear. Bone-conduction headphones are great for increasing situational awareness during sports or walking. They can also provide a solution for listeners who have some problems in the outer ear, middle ear, or eardrum.

      What is the difference between on-ear and over-ear headphones?

      On-ear headphones sit on the ear without enveloping the ear's outer edges. This fit is ideal if you don't want your ears to warm up over long listening sessions, but it can leave you susceptible to external noise. Over-ear headphones completely cover the ear, surrounding the outer edges and hugging the head with a fit that provides much better isolation from outside noise.

      What is the difference between wireless and true wireless headphones?

      Wireless headphones connect wirelessly to your audio device. They come in headband and earbud styles. While there is no wire needed to connect the headphones to your device there is always a cable that connects the earpieces (the cable might be hidden in the headband or a neckband).


      True wireless headphones are earbud-style headphones that sit on, or in, your ear. They have no wires at all: each earpiece connects to your device wirelessly via Bluetooth.

      How are sports headphones different from other Philips headphones?

      Sports headphones are designed for active lifestyles. You'll see an IP rating on our sports headphones, which indicates a level of protection from water, sweat, and dust. Many of our sports headphones also boast features to help you train: like heart-rate monitoring, UV cleaning, or cooling ear cups. 

      Why should I download the Philips Headphones app?

      Downloading the Philips Headphones app lets you unlock the full potential of your headphones. You can turn specific headphone features on or off in the app, adjust settings for functions like noise cancellation or equalizers, and check battery status. The app also lets you update your headphones with the latest software, and gives you access to the user manual. 

      What kind of headphones can I use with my TV?

      Use a pair of dedicated Philips TV headphones to get the best TV listening experience! Our TV headphones dramatically reduce latency so you'll always hear dialogue and sound effects in sync with what's happening on screen. 

      Philips headphones app

      Philips Headphones App

      For iOS and Android

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