The countdown is on: start a new psoriasis therapy in the new year

Let 2018 be the year you control your psoriasis treatment.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year! On the stroke of midnight you revel in the explosion of colours in the night sky. The old year has gone out with a bang and with the new year you feel a pang… is it that telltale psoriasis flare-up itch or just itchy feet as your current treatment is no longer hitting the mark? When you think it is time to turn the tide with a new psoriasis treatment approach, start here for support on your journey.


Look to the past and future

The month of January is named after Janus, the double-headed Roman god symbolising transitions and doorways to new beginnings.1 In ancient times the Romans would look both ways like their god: contemplating the challenges of the old year and preparing promises for improvements in the new year, much like we do today.

So now you have spent the 1st of January recovering from the night’s festivities and reflecting on the vicissitudes of the past year, you will feel spurred on to open new doors and make new resolutions in the hope of a brighter future with psoriasis.

Then carpe diem

The start of the year really is the ideal time for change since this should be when you are most receptive to transformation, though of course one small step at a time. This year could be the one where you resolve to change your psoriasis treatment if your present therapy has not been working for you. 


Your reasons could be multiple:


  • Has your treatment stopped being effective?
  • Are you sick of unwanted side-effects? 
  • Has it barely ever produced any encouraging results? 
  • Does it cause too much hassle in your daily life?
  • Is it just too time-consuming?


The challenge of translating thoughts into enduring actions
You can relate to one or more of these questions, however translating the need for change into concrete changes is not an easy task. You might also be a little reluctant as you know how hard it is to respect a resolution for an extended period of time. Perhaps last year you decided you would work out more but, after a few weeks, life got in the way and you gave up going to the gym. If this feels like you, consider our tips for successfully sticking to a New Year’s resolution.

Furthermore, with every method you may have tried so far it could be getting even more difficult to find the motivation to change again. Indeed, it also takes persistence to find the right match between your psoriasis and an effective treatment.

We support you on your journey with psoriasis

We recognise the genuine desire for change, having worked with numerous psoriasis patients and their doctors to deeply understand their needs. That’s why we have developed Philips BlueControl Advance. The wearable chemical-free UV-free device harnasses Blue LED Light Technology to induce the skin’s natural relief processes. 


The beneficial actions of Philips BlueControl Advance on the skin have been clinically proven.2,3  The device comes with straps to perfectly adapt to the body area requiring treatment, specifically targeting mild to moderate plaque psoriasis on the arms and legs.

A progressive phototherapy solution

At long last, you have the opportunity to try a device that is groundbreaking because it is:

Practical – as it is wearable and works while you work or play, treatment with Philips BlueControl Advance can be effortlessly integrated into your everyday life. See here how you can productively fill time spent treating your psoriasis with Philips BlueControl Advance.  

Gentle – the psoriasis plaque treatment tool is free from the nasty side-effects4,5 linked with traditional methods of treating psoriasis, emitting no harsh chemicals or UV light that would cause premature skin aging.

Effective – after 4 weeks of daily 15-minute treatment sessions one should start seeing reassuring changes in their psoriasis symptoms. Research has shown that 84% of the psoriasis patients trialling Philips BlueControl achieved significant improvement of their plaque symptoms.5

Gain other perspectives through user testimonials

Many users have shared their experiences how they keep on top of managing their psoriasis plaques with the help of Philips BlueControl. Check out our twitter channel to witness their results, like for example 26-year old Matilda who tells how finding the right treatment has changed her life to the better. By the way you can share your very own experiences with Philips BlueControl by retweeting your images and videos with the Hashtag #BlueControl


Go for it!
With these impressions in your mind’s eye, you will see that you too have it in you to take a leap of faith and test a new psoriasis therapy this year. Whatsmore, once you see skin improvement you will feel more positively prepared to take on other challenges and make further resolutions, like exercising regularly that will conveniently benefit your psoriasis too. 


Happy New Year!

In the meantime, we sincerely wish you a very Happy New Year. One in which you can find balance between your life and psoriasis therapy, keeping your psoriasis under control so you can concentrate on what counts. 


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