Dutch Masterjuices

Put fruit and vegetables back in the picture
With Philips Dutch Masterjuices

Did you know that fruit and vegetables are a key source of the nutrients you need to stay healthy?


They help maintain a healthy heart, lower the risk of obesity and help prevent diseases like cancer and diabetes.


All that goodness, yet 86% of Europeans still don’t get enough of the essential nutrients needed to keep going strong, all day long.


At Philips, we believe there’s always a way to make life better. And we think fruit and vegetables matter because your health matters. That’s why we’re on a mission to put fruit and veg back in the picture.

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fruit and veggies experiment

Watch our fruit and veg experiment


We want to help people discover the benefits of fruit and vegetables. So, we decided to do an experiment as part of our partnership with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.


We wanted to find out how people would feel if we took the goodness of fruit and veg away.

400g of fruit graphic
The WHO recommends 5 portions (400 g) of fruit and vegetables per day.

A tasty way to stay healthy

The World Health Organisation recommends eating 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. That seems like a lot, but it's easier than you think.


We’ve developed a way of getting the goodness out of fresh fruits and vegetables easily by turning them into juices and smoothies.


These healthy drinks are not only delicious, they also contain up to 90%* of the nutrients you need. That makes juices and smoothies a quick, easy, tasty way to stay healthy.


Scroll down for some juicy recipes.

*Internal tests on grapes, watermelon, tomato, apple, orange, strawberry and pineapple found nutrient levels ranging from 69% to 92% of the daily recommended amount, depending on the fruit.

Get inspired by Dutch Masterjuices


Our delicious, healthy drinks were inspired by the Old Masters of the art world. Using the fruit and veg depicted in their famous paintings, we created a series of Dutch Masterjuices and smoothies for you to enjoy.


Why not try a Dutch Master drink today?

fruit and veggies experiment

Inspired by
Jan van Huysum smoothie recipe


Try pumpkin, apple, orange, peach and papaya with Philips High-Speed Blender

fruit and veggies experiment

Inspired by
Anthony Oberman juice recipe


Try raspberry, strawberry, grapes, orange, chilli, lemon and cucumber with Philips Avance Masticating Juicer

fruit and veggies experiment

Inspired by
Floris Claesz van Dijck juice recipe


Try green apple, pear, carrot, lemon and ginger with Philips Avance Centrifugal Juicer

Better Me, Better World


Philips believes there is always a way to make life better, whether it’s keeping you healthy with fruit and veg or helping young people stay active. We support Gorilla, helping the younger generation take responsibility for their health and well-being through cooking courses, education, events and information sharing.


We’d like to invite you to help shape the good causes we support in 2019. Vote for the cause that you'd like us to support.

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