Philips StudioPower Vacuum cleaner with bag FC9080/01 2000W AirflowMax technology with TriActive nozzle



How to clean my bagged Philips vacuum's filter

The filters can be cleaned by shaking the dust out of the filter over a dustbin or by replacing the filter.

Cleaning the motor protection filter

The motor protection filter is placed behind the disposable dust bag or reusable dust bag. Clean the motor protection filter every time you replace the disposable dust bag or empty the reusable dust bag. You can clean the filter by shaking the dust out of the filter over a dustbin. Do not use water to clean the motor protection filter. Replace the filter when it can no longer be cleaned.

The motor protection filter

Cleaning the exhaust or (H)EPA filter

The exhaust filter is placed behind the grill on the back or bottom of the vacuum cleaner. The exhaust filter cannot be cleaned. Replace the exhaust filter every year.

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC9080/01 , FC9082/01 , FC9089/01 , FC9088/01 , FC9086/01 , FC9084/01 , FC9081/01 , FC9070/01 , FC9060/02 , FC9071/01 , FC8610/01 , FC9078/01 , FC9076/02 , FC9076/01 , FC9074/01 , FC9073/01 , FC9071/02 , FC8619/01 , FC8615/01 , FC8614/01 , FC8613/01 , FC8612/01 , FC8611/01 , FC8617/01 , FC9061/01 , FC9067/02 , FC9066/03 , FC9064/02 , FC8602/01 , FC8606/01 , FC8206/02 , FC8617/02 , FC8615/03 , FC8615/02 , FC8614/02 , FC8613/02 , FC8612/02 , FC8611/02 , FC8202/03 , FC8202/02 , FC9060/01 , FC9064/01 , FC9062/03 , FC8600/01 , FC8608/05 , FC8608/04 , FC8608/03 , FC8608/02 , FC8608/01 , FC8606/03 , FC8606/02 , FC8604/01 , FC8601/02 , FC8601/01 , FC9062/01 , FC9067/01 , FC8392/01 , FC8601/03 , FC9066/01 , FC8601/04 , FC8607/01 . more less

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