WardrobeCare Integrated ironing board

Iconic trolley design, foldable board GC9940/05


My Philips Steam generator is beeping and the rinse tray light is blinking

The Philips Steam generator automatically descales every few ironing sessions. The beeping signal means the tray needs to be emptied as dirty water has collected.

Empty the rinse tray

The blinking light signals that contaminated water has collected at the bottom of the set and it is time to empty the rinse tray.

Sequence is as follows:

1) Auto Calc Cleaning process takes place (note: you may hear some pumping and a clicking noise from the appliance)

2) The rinse tank light starts blinking and the appliance beeps when dirty water is collected

3) Pull rinse tray out from bottom of set

4) Empty the rinse tray and reinsert it before switching on the iron/steamer

Cleaning the device

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC9940/05 , GC9920/05 .

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