Surge protector

Wall tap, 1 outlet SPN3110/05


Protection light of my Philips surge protector is off

When the PROTECTING light is off, the surge protector has consumed the maximum Joule capacity due to surges and spikes or an overvoltage and is not protecting your connected equipment against these anymore. The surge protector will maintain power to the connected equipment, acting as a normal power strip. The surge protector needs to be replaced to restore protection to your connected equipment. If the connected equipment gets damaged due to a surge or over voltage when the PROTECTING light is out, you cannot claim under the Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW).

The information on this page applies to the following models: SPN3110/05 , SPN3110/19 , SPN3120/05 , SPN3120/10 , SPN3120/19 . more less

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