Soundbar speaker

2.1 CH wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth®, HDMI ARC, 120 W HTL3110B/05


Wireless subwoofer/speakers keeps on disconnecting

Disconnection may be a result of interference from other devices

  • Make sure wireless devices such as router and DECT phone are placed away from the Soundbar.
  • Locate the wireless subwoofer/speakers as recommended in the Quick Start Guide.
  • Try using a different channel for the router to minimize interference.

To re-connect the subwoofer/speaker

Disconnected subwoofer/speakers can be re-connected manually. Refer to the user manual for connection steps for your model.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HTL3110B/05 , B8/12 , HTL6140B/12 , B1/12 , HTL5160B/79 , HTL5160B/98 , HTL2183B/96 , HTL3160B/96 , HTL3160B/93 , HTL5160B/12 , HTL2183B/79 , HTL5160B/93 , HTL3160B/79 , HTL2183B/93 , HTL2183B/05 , HTL5160B/05 , HTL3160B/05 , HTL2183B/12 , HTL3160B/12 , HTL5130B/12 , HTL3110B/79 , HTL6145C/12 , HTL5145B/12 , HTL3142S/12 , HTL5140B/12 , HTL3140B/05 , HTL3110B/F7 , HTL3120/12 , HTL5120/12 . more less

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