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    Fidelio Immersive Sound 5.1 Home theatre

    3D Blu-ray HTB9550D/12


    Message UPG MCU displayed on my Philips home cinema

    If ?UPG MCU? is displayed on the player, the firmware upgrade is not successful. Follow the steps below: 1. Download latest firmware from Philips website 2. Unzip, copy and paste the folder, ?UPG_ALL? to the root directory of USB memory device 3. Disconnect the product from power supply 4. Insert the USB memory device to the USB port on the product 5. Connect the product to power supply (The set will start up automatically and go to Home screen) 6. Select Settings > Advance > Software update USB 7. The product will search for valid firmware from the USB memory device for update 8. Confirm to update 9. When the update is completed, the product will restart automatically

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HTB9550D/12 , HTB9150/12 , HTB7530D/12 , HTS7212/12 , HTS8562/12 , HTS5131/12 , HTS9241/12 , HTS3551/12 , HTS7201/12 , HTS9221/12 , HTS4561/12 , HTS5591/12 , HTS5561/12 , HTS5581/12 , HTS5582/12 , HTS7202/12 , HTS5592/12 , HTS4562/12 , HTS5562/12 . more less

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