Portable DVD Player

18 cm/7" LCD PD7001B/05


I cannot change the password on my Philips player

Please follow the steps below to change and set your new password. 1. Press the MENU key on the remote control. The player will enter the MENU page. 2. Select Prefer–> Password–> Change. 3. Input 3308when you are asked to input the old password. 4. Input four digits as your new password. 5. Input your new password again and press OK to confirm. Your new password works now. Remark: The password 3308 always works no matter you change it or not.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PD7001B/05 , PD9010/05 , PD7030/05 , PD7032/05 , PD7030/12 , PD9030/12 , PD9030/05 , PD7032/12 , PD709/05 , PD9016/37 , PD7000B/05 , PD7000C/05 , PD9000/05 , PD7022/12 , PD7000S/05 , PD9000/12 , PD7010/05 , PD7022/05 . more less

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