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Some songs not playing on my Philips Sports player

MP3 files downloaded from the Internet or ripped from a CD with ripping software other than Musicmatch� Jukebox may have created a header or tag that contains a large amount of data such as long song titles, artist name, album name, genre etc., that the player may mistakenly recognize these file as a non-mp3 file and skip without playing. The problem may be resolved if the user opens Musicmatch� Jukebox and edits the tag of the file concerned and downloads it again onto the player. If the mp3 file is “Read Only” in properties, the user should change the properties before editing the target mp3 file via Musicmatch� Jukebox. To edit the tag in Musicmatch� Jukebox: 1. Add the music file into the Music library. 2. Right click on the song file and go to “Edit Track Tag(s)“. 3. Click “Ok” to save in Musicmatch� Jukebox ID3tag setting. 4. Drag the song file into Playlist. 5. Send to Device > Download Playlist to Nike psa[128max] or psa[64] Player. 6. Download the song to the player.

The information on this page applies to the following models: ACT210/05 , ACT200/00C .

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