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    Wireless Home Theatre System



    Blank TV screen when pressing INTERNET button

    • Streamium cannot connect to your PC.First, please check whether the Streamium can connect to a PC by pressing the PC LINK button. If not, see above. * No broadband Internet connection available.Broadband Internet means at least a 256 kbps always-on Internet connection. Dial-up ISDN/ telephone connections will not work. * Not enough broadband Internet bandwidth available.If you share the broadband bandwidth with other users, it may fall below the minimum requirements. * Network host (PC) or wireless base station is switched off.Make sure your home network is operational before you try to contact a networked computer with the Streamium. * Internet access not working.Make sure you can access the Internet from your computer. * Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is not working. > In the manual, read the chapters on networking. > Go to Windows Help and search for “Internet connection sharing”. >* Alternatively, visit http://www.microsoft.com, and in the search box under “Search Microsoft.com for:” enter ?ICS? and click “Go”. * Internet or network problems.See advanced network problem solving on page 51-52 of the extended User Manual on CD-ROM.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: MX6000I/22S .

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