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    Safety has never

    been so attractive

    Xenon WhiteVision

    Perfect match for LEDs on
    your car


    Xenon WhiteVision headlight bulbs deliver a pure white light that’s a perfect match for the white LED lights on your car. They complement the performance, exclusivity and elegance of your prestige car. But Xenon WhiteVision doesn’t just make a style statement; you beneŽfit from the driver’s seat too. Visibility is key to safe night driving, and the intense LED eŠffect in Xenon WhiteVision lamps cuts through darkness, enhances contrast and optimizes rešflections from markings and signs.

    Xenon WhiteVision headlight bulbs

    Choose your headlight bulbs with care


    Because you car’s lighting needs to shine as safely and brightly as possible, you should take special care choosing headlamp bulbs. We have an extensive range of Xenon types that are designed to give you the utmost quality, performance and style in all driving conditions. Fit our Original Equipment (OE) quality headlamp bulbs for safety you can see. Xenon WhiteVision lamps are available in: D1S, D2S, D2R



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    Whiter by design


    The pure white light from Xenon WhiteVision gives you:

    • a perfect upgrade to match your car’s white LED lighting
    • safer night driving and improved concentration that helps you stay alert
    • the same color temperature (6000 K) as white LEDs
    • extreme reliability and long life thanks to OE quality and innovation
    Xenon Whitevision whiter by design