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What makes SENSEO® coffee pod machines unique?

A world of taste and variety with the unrivalled convenience of a coffee pad and the effortless one touch operation of a coffee maker. The best proof of success? A SENSEO® coffee machine is sold every 10 seconds.

What makes drip-filter coffee machines unique?

The long-lasting pleasure of a hot cup of black coffee, shared with the people you love. Philips coffee machines make it easy but with maximum aroma and taste.

What makes Saeco full automatic espresso machines unique?

In 1985 a pioneering team of skilled Italian craftsmen created the world's first bean-to-cup espresso machine for the home. Today Saeco continues to innovate to always deliver the perfect cup of espresso.

What makes Saeco manual espresso machines unique?

The unique experience of the Italian café starts with an unmistakable ritual: getting your espresso from a real manual espresso machine! With a Saeco manual espresso machine now you can do this at home too, just like a Barista.

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