Technical Specifications

  • Technical specifications

    75  W
    230  V
    50  Hz
    Type of lamps
    1 Philips incandescent lamp
    Lifetime of lamps
    1000 hours (easy to replace)
    class II (double isolation)
    Cord length
    3  m
  • Weight and dimensions

    Product dimensions
    13.5 x 20.0 x 30.0 cm (DxWxH)  cm
    Product weight
    1.5  kg
    F-box dimensions
    16.0 x 21.0 x 32.0 cm (DxWxH)  cm
    F-box weight
    2.1  kg
    No. of F-boxes in A-box
    3  pcs
    A-box dimensions
    22.5 x 49.5 x 34.1 cm (DxWxH)  cm
    A-box weight
    7.8  kg
    Qnt. on Euro pallet
    126  pcs
  • Logistic data

    CTV code
    Country of origin
  • Safety

    no UV radiation
    Cenelec certified
  • Easy to use

    Quick on/off button
    Snooze button for sound
    9  minute(s)
    Quick check function (90 sec.)
    Check next morning's light/sound level in 90 sec.
    Compact size
    Limited bedside table space required (13.5 x 20 cm)
    Electricity back-up function
    5  minute(s)
    Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Medical appliance

    Proven health benefits
    supported by Medical Device Directive certificate
  • Light

    Wake-up Light bulb with natural daylight spectrum
    75  W
    Sunrise Simulating process (0-
    30  minute(s)
    Light for easy reading
    300 Lux at 40–50 cm
    Light intensity dimmer
    0-300 Lux at 40–50 cm
    Light on/off function
  • Sound

    Wake-up sound
    Friendly beep and 1 natural sound (morning birds)
    Sound off function
    Option to mute sound immediately
    Premium sound box
    2  W
  • Display

    Easy-to-read LCD display
    50x50  mm
    Display brightness control
    3 settings (off, medium, high)

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