Meals from scratch, even on your busiest days

    It cuts directly into the bowl

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Meals from scratch, even on your busiest days

The Jamie Oliver HomeCooker Cutting tower will give you an extra pair of hands in the kitchen so you have one thing less to focus on. It cuts directly into the HomeCooker pan or your own bowl.

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Product features

  • 2 cutting and slicing speeds

    You can choose which speed you need for your cutting, depending on the dish or recipe you are making. For cutting julienne use speed 1 and for slicing and grating use speed 1 for soft ingredients like mushrooms and speed 2 for hard ingredients like carrots and salami.

  • XL feeding tube for all your ingredients

    The XL feeding tube (76 x 50 mm) allows you to use all kinds of ingredients, without cutting them into small pieces before putting them in the feeding tube.

  • Easy cutting and slicing directly into the pan

    Due to the perfect design of the Cutting tower, it cuts directly into the pan. It will save you time as you don't need to cut on a separate plate, which you then don't have to clean afterwards either. And you cut your ingredients directly into the pan just when you need them.

  • Dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning

    To optimise the time spent in your kitchen, you can safely put the pan, lid, stirrer and steaming tier in your dishwasher.

  • 5 different discs that slice, shred and cut julienne

    The Cutting tower comes with 5 different cutting discs that enable 2 sizes of slicing (thick and thin), 2 sizes of shredding (medium and coarse) and cutting julienne.

  • Safety lock ensures safe use

    The two safety locks on the back of the Cutting tower prevent the Cutting tower from working when it is not properly closed. Both locks have to be closed and then the appliance is ready for cutting. This means you will always be using the appliance safely.

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