Blue LED Light Therapy

Change your 
perception of light.

Light is light, right? You might think all light is the same. But depending on wavelength, dose and intensity – light can have different effects. Light brightens our nights and wakes us in the morning – and when you change it a little, light can affect our hormone balance and strengthen our immune system.

If you are suffering from plaque psoriasis,
Blue LED light can bring you relief.

What makes Blue LED Light Therapy so effective?

Philips BlueControl uses 453 nanometres – the optimal wavelength to stimulate natural skin processes

453 nanometres

The optimal wavelength to stimulate natural processes of the skin and treat plaque psoriasis2
Blue LED Light Therapy for plaque symptoms

Blue LED Light Therapy

Suppresses the activation of immune cells responsible for plaque symptoms3
Philips BlueControl uses LEDs

Light-emitting diodes (LED)

A highly energy-efficient and long-lasting light source
Philips BlueControl can bring you relief by reducing redness and scaling

Brings you relief from psoriasis symptoms

Reduces redness and scaling and the accelerated production of skin cells2
UV-free psoriasis treatment with Blue LED Light Therapy


Blue LED light is UV-free and safe for your skin5,6
The positive effects of Philips BlueControl have been confirmed by studies

Clinically proven

Studies have confirmed the positive effects of blue LED light on psoriasis plaques4,5,7

Blue LED light to
calm your skin.

Scaling and inflammation, the symptoms of plaque psoriasis, occur when skin cells called keratinocytes grow faster than usual – and therefore don’t have time to develop properly. While sunlight can help improve your symptoms, the UV-radiation of the sun is potentially harmful to your skin. Blue LED light offers a new, UV-free way of using light to improve your plaque psoriasis. Treating your skin with blue LED light helps it regenerate at normal speed – controlling scaling and redness without chemicals or UV light. The positive effects of blue LED light on psoriasis plaque symptoms have been confirmed in clinical studies.

Patients’ plaque symptoms improved significantly when treated with blue LED light4,5,7.
Blue LED Light Therapy system for psoriasis treatment that stimulates natural processes in the skin

Blue LED light
to balance your body.

Combining our expertise in LED technology and medical devices, we have invested many years into research to develop a Blue LED Light Therapy7 system for psoriasis treatment. Philips BlueControl1 effectively reduces the symptoms of plaque psoriasis like: redness, scaling and thickness5.

It utilises LEDs set at an ideal wavelength to stimulate natural processes in the skin. It works in two ways: by regulating the production of certain skin cells2, keratinocytes – and by helping to control inflammation3.

Plaque psoriasis treatment with Philips BlueControl for mild to moderate psoriasis

Blue LED light –
for your individual journey.


Philips BlueControl is the world’s first Blue LED Light Therapy for mild to moderate plaque psoriasis.
It combines the beneficial effects of blue LED light into one small battery-driven device – that lets you decide when and where you treat your plaques.

Frequently asked questions about
Philips BlueControl

We understand that you have questions about Blue LED Light Therapy as it is an innovation in psoriasis treatment. At Philips, we have invested many years into research to develop a Blue LED Light Therapy system to treat plaque psoriasis – without the potential side effects of other medical treatments.
How does it differ to other UV treatments?
The Philips BlueControl7 blue LED light is UV-free and induces natural relief processes in your skin. It helps to control rapid cell proliferation2 and inflammation3 associated with plaque psoriasis. Light is generally understood as referring to the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. For humans, this visible range comprises wavelengths from around 400–780 nanometres (nm). The blue LED light spectrum is in the range of 400–490 nm and has special effects on the human body. The blue LED light used in Philips BlueControl has a wavelength of 453 nm, which is absolutely UV-free. Ultraviolet rays in contrast belong to the invisible light spectrum. UV light has a shorter wavelength and higher energy than visible light. The higher energy of UV light can be harmful to skin depending on the dose.
Why isn’t there a device for illuminating the whole body?
Philips BlueControl is our first Blue LED Light Therapy innovation and was designed for psoriasis patients with mild to moderate plaque psoriasis. We want to offer a wearable device that is effective and safe and that fits comfortably into a daily routine. The Philips Light & Health development team together with our clinical partners are constantly working on improvements and innovations, so keep on following us to hear about our latest innovations.
Do you have clinical data/medical studies to prove the efficacy of your device/claims?
Philips BlueControl has been developed together with dermatologists and our clinical partners. The efficacy and safety of the device has been proven in clinical trials4,5and the results have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals. You can find the references to the respective publications at the bottom of this page.
Are there any side effects I need to worry about?
No adverse effects related to the recommended use of the device or Blue LED Light Therapy were found during our clinical studies4,5 except a potential tanning of the treated skin4,5

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    BlueControl Advance

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    • Clinically proven efficacy
    • Without chemicals or cortisone
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  • BlueControl


    • 30 minutes treatment per plaque
    • Wearable blue light therapy
    • Clinically proven efficacy
    • Without chemicals or cortisone
    Overall rating 3.5/ 5
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  1. Philips BlueControl is an EU CE-marked class IIa  medical device (CE0344) for the treatment of mild to moderate plaque psoriasis (psoriasis vulgaris). The device is currently not available outside EU. Before altering or stopping any prescribed medication or using the device, patients should consult with their physicians and carefully read the instructions for use. July 2017.
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