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    How to Wash Trainers: Cleaning Trainers 101

    Nothing completes an outfit better than a fresh pair of trainers. But going out and keeping your shoes spotless can be a challenge for all of us. Of course, nothing stays new forever, but learning how to clean trainers effectively – including how to clean white trainers, how to clean shoelaces and what temperature to wash trainers at – means your kicks can cling onto their freshness for longer.

    With these handy tips for cleaning trainers, your shoes can shine like new, time and time again.

    How to wash trainers in the washing machine:

    There are many tried and tested remedies for cleaning trainers, but one of the easiest ways to successfully wash your shoes is in the washing machine. However, before you throw any old shoe into the machine, take a closer look at the material your trainers are made from. Learning how to clean suede trainers, for example, differs from how to clean fabric trainers, so always read the label to understand how your shoes should be cared for.

    Learning how to clean fabric trainers is easy, as trainers made mainly from fabric or synthetics/textiles can generally be cleaned in the washing machine. However, a lot of caution should be taken so trainers keep their shape and don’t crack. If you want to learn how to clean white trainers, the same applies, provided they’re made from fabric or textiles.

    If you’re wondering what temperature to wash your trainers at, that’s easy too. Clean your white trainers at a maximum of 30°C, without fabric softener and ensure you clean coloured trainers separately. Remove laces and trainer inserts beforehand and put your trainers in an old pillowcase or laundry bag to reduce risk of damage to the washing machine drum. Don’t put your trainers on a spin cycle, as this could also have a negative effect when drying.

    After washing, leave your fresh and clean white trainers in the sun to dry and, if necessary, stuff them with newspaper or kitchen paper to absorb more moisture. Drying on the radiator is not advisable, as the direct heat can damage the material.

    sneaker cleaner in use

    How to clean shoelaces:

    Laces should always be removed before cleaning trainers and only re-threaded after they’ve dried. When you’ve worn your trainers for some time, however, it’s not always possible to get the laces looking as fresh as they did when you bought them. It might even be worth taking the opportunity to replace the laces completely.

    How to clean suede trainers by hand:

    Suede and leather trainers should never be cleaned in the washing machine. If the surface of your shoe is suede or made from leather, you should use a suitable suede or leather care product for cleaning your trainers. If you put them in the washing machine, the material may get ruined. Instead, learn how to wash your trainers by hand using classic trainer cleaning tools, such as a brush, sponge, and cloth, with a quality cleaning liquid from a specialist retailer.

    Or, to avoid the hassle of buying lots of products, you can use a specially developed device for cleaning trainers, like the electric Sneaker Cleaner from Philips. The small and practical everyday companion makes cleaning trainers as easy and effective as possible.

    sneaker cleaner in use

    How to wash trainers with ease, using the Philips Sneaker Cleaner:  


    With up to 500 revolutions per minute, the Philips Sneaker Cleaner makes cleaning your trainers much easier, regardless of material. Simply choose one of the three brushes designed to clean different materials: 


    • The hard brush is ideal for hard materials like textured rubber or the rubber sole of your trainer.
    • The soft brush is suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, making it ideal for fabric/mesh and canvas.
    • The soft sponge is ideal for delicate materials such as PVC, leather, suede, and smooth rubber.


    Once you’ve chosen the right brush, moisten it with a little soap and water and let it glide effortlessly over each shoe – after a few minutes, your trainers will look brand new. Pat your clean trainers down with a towel, and you’re done!


    The Sneaker Cleaner offers a simple and durable solution for cleaning trainers. Gentler on your shoes than the washing machine, you’ll be able to wear your favourite trainers for longer – saving you time and money. You get ‘em dirty. We get ‘em clean.

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