SENSEO® Viva Café Coffee pod machine HD7820/69 New Generation Raven black



There is no foam layer on my SENSEO coffee.

Your problem may have several causes. Below find tips to improve the foam layer on your SENSEO.

The coffee spout, coffee collector and pod holder are dirty

The foam layer is produced in the pod holder and coffee spout. It is therefore important to keep these items clean. All parts can be cleaned in hot water with some washing-up liquid or in the dishwasher.

pod holder and coffee spout

The way the coffee pod is placed in the pod holder

If you don’t place the coffee pod(s) correctly, water may escape along the edges of the pod or pods instead of running through the coffee. This results in less foam on the coffee.

To place the pod(s) correctly:

  • Make sure the coffee inside the coffee pods is distributed evenly.
  • Place the pods with the convex side pointing downwards in the centre of the pod holder.
  • Make sure you use the correct number of pods and press the correct button. Do not use the same coffee pod twice.

To make one cup of coffee: use one pod in combination with the 1-cup pod holder and the 1-cup button.

To make two cups of coffee: use two pods in combination with the 2-cup pod holder and the 2-cup button.

Place the coffee pods in the pod holders

The SENSEO machine needs to be descaled

Keeping your SENSEO machine free of scale to ensure an optimal foam layer on your coffee.

More coffee in your cup

If you have more coffee in your cup but less foam, the pod holder is damaged.
You can order a new pod holder through Philips Online shop.

Use SENSEO coffee pods

We advise you to use SENSEO coffee pods. Look on SENSEO.COM to find which different coffee flavours are available in your country.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7820/69 , HD7857/50 , HD7870/10 , HD7870/60 , HD7864/11 , HD7864/81 , HD7864/61 , HD7863/80 , HD7870/20 , HD7872/10 , HD7825/62 , HD7827/52 , HD7825/80 , HD7825/60 , HD7860/60 , HD7850/61 , HD7850/80 , HD7823/11 , HD7850/60 , HD7840/00 , HD7840/01 , HD7814/60 , HD7810/95 , HD7810/60 , HD7816/50 , HD7810/61 , HD7810/70 , HD7810/71 , HD7812/50 , HD7814/62 . more less

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