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    HD7564/20  Coffee maker
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    Coffee maker


    The Philips coffee maker still drips after brewing

    Some drips on the hotplate after removing the jug of your Philips coffeemaker is normal. Read more tips below.

    A few drops on the hotplate after removing the jug

    Some dripping is normal and is caused by condensation of steam.

    More than 3 to 5 drops of coffee on the hotplate, after removing the jug

    • whether the drip stop is polluted. The best way is to push the drip stop open and rinse it under a running tap.
    • have you removed the jug during the brewing cycle for more than 20 seconds? The drip stop cannot function for more than 20 seconds or it will cause the filter holder to overflow.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7564/20 , HD7447/20 , HD7458/00 , HD7688/50 , HD7457/20 , HD7450/20 , HD7450/70 , HD7400/20 , HD7583/50 , HD7565/20 , HD7567/20 , HD7562/35 , HD7566/20 , HD7563/20 , HD7562/55 , HD7006/00 , HD7502/35 , HD7544/55 , HD7502/55 , HD7686/30 , HD7692/90 , HD7692/30 , HD7690/90 , HD7690/30 , HD7686/90 , HD7546/20 , HD5405/60 , HD5410/00 , HD7466/71 , HD7446/00 , HD7446/20 , HD7448/00 , HD7448/20 , HD7448/40 , HD7448/70 , HD7466/20 , HD7466/70 , HD7584/53 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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