Steam Plus Sweep and Steam Cleaner

2-in-1: sweeps and steams, 30s heat-up time, 2 microfibre pads, All hard floors FC7020/01


How to clean the brush of my Philips SteamPlus Cleaner

We advise you to clean the brushes of your Philips SteamPlus Sweep and Steam Cleaner regularly for optimal performance. Just follow these simple steps.

Clean the roller brush regularly to ensure optimal cleaning performance

  1. Turn the nozzle over and undo the brush retainer so that you can take out the roller brush
  2. If any hair or threads are entangled around the roller brush, cut them loose with a pair of scissors
  3. You can also rinse the roller brush under running water
  4. Let the roller brush dry
  5. Place the roller brush back into the SteamPlus; Close the retainer and push it home until it locks with a click

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC7020/01 .

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