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How do I remove my Philips shaving heads?

This depends on your Philips shaving unit. If your shaver has an RQ10 shaving unit, the shaving heads cannot be removed.

RQ10 or RQ12+


To clean them, pull open the three shaving heads one by one. Rinse all three shaving heads and all three hair chambers under a hot tap for 30 seconds.

If you have a RQ12+ shaving unit, follow these steps:

Make sure that the shaver is switched off.

1) Pull the shaving head holder off the bottom part of the shaving unit.

2) Place the retaining ring holder on the retaining ring (1), turn it anticlockwise (2) and lift it off the shaving head (3). Remove the retaining ring from the retaining ring holder and repeat this process for the other retaining rings.

3) Remove the shaving heads from the shaving head holder. Each shaving head consists of a cutter and guard.

Note: The cutters and guards are all matching sets. If you accidentally put a cutter in the wrong shaving guard, it may take several weeks before optimal shaving performance is restored.

Removing shaving head

Replacing your shaving head:

4) Place the cutter back into the guard.

5) Put the shaving heads back into the shaving head holder.

Note: Make sure that the projections of the shaving heads fit exactly into the recesses.

6) Place the retaining ring holder on the retaining ring (1), place it on the shaving head (2) and turn it clockwise (3) to reattach the retaining ring. Repeat this process for the other retaining rings.

7) Reattach the shaving head holder to the bottom part of the shaving unit.

Replacing the shaving head

The information on this page applies to the following models: RQ1053/18 , 1059X/20 , RQ1050/29 , RQ1087/21 , RQ1062/20 , RQ1062/19 , RQ1062/17 , RQ1062/15 , RQ1052/18 , RQ1052/17 , RQ1052/15 , 1050X/22 , RQ1060/22 , RQ1060/15 , RQ1076/21 , RQ1050/17 , 1060X/20 , RQ1090/20 , RQ1090/03 , RQ1075/23 , RQ1075/21 , RQ1060/20 , RQ1050/16 , RQ1050/15 , RQ1051/18 , RQ1050/18 , RQ1095/22 , RQ1085/22 , RQ1075/22 , RQ1060/19 , RQ1090/19 , RQ1085/21 , RQ1095/21 , RQ1061/18 . more less

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