Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my device not charge?

  • Switch device off before charging!
  • Check whether there is a power failure or whether the wall socket works.
  • Read the section on “Charging” in the direction for use.
  • If the appliance is still not charging, take the appliance to your dealer or to a Philips Service Centre for repair.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HP6530/30 , HP6371/00 , HP6379/00 , HP6375/01 , HP6375/00 , HP6373/00 , HP6378/00 , HP6376/00 , HP6380/00 , HP6361/00 , HP6364/82 , HP6361/82 , HP6362/00 , HP6362/82 , HP6364/00 . more less

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