9000 series Pressurised steam generator

9000 series Pressurised steam generator

Auto Calc-Clean GC9020/02


A red light is flashing on the side of my Philips steam generator

When the light on the side of your Philips Steam generator's water tank flashes red, it is cleaning the tank. Find out how it works.

Auto Calc-Clean

The red light that flashes on the Calc Clean tank indicates that the Auto Calc Clean process has finished.

Auto Calc Clean process light

Turn off the light

Detach the water tank, hold it over the sink and press the Calc Clean tank emptying button on top of the water tank to empty the Calc Clean tank into the sink.

Emptying the water tank

Refill the water tank

As soon as you have refilled the water tank and turned the steam generator back on, the red Calc Clean light goes off and the appliance starts to heat up again.

After approx. 2 minutes it is ready for steam ironing. When it is ready, you hear 2 beeps and the light in the active steam selection button stops flashing and stays on. Press the steam activator to start steam ironing.

Refilling the tank

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC9020/02 , GC9040/02 , GC9140/02 .

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