Avent Classic+ baby bottle

4 Bottles, 9 oz/260 ml, Slow flow teat, 1m+ SCF563/47


How should I assemble my Philips Avent bottles?

Learn how to correctly assemble your Philips Avent bottles with this step-by-step instruction. Get the most out of your Philips Avent bottle.


Clean and sterilise all parts before assembling. If you have a steriliser, remove all of the parts of your steriliser and place them on the bottom of your steriliser's lid. This will keep all parts on a sterile surface.

  1. Fill your Philips Avent bottle with milk
  2. Pull the teat through the screw ring with tongs until it clicks into place.
  3. Click on the clear cap to keep the teat sterile.
  4. If you have an AirFree vent insert (for Anti-colic bottles) place it inside the bottle first.
  5. Place the screw ring and teat on to the bottle. Do not overtighten as this can cause leakage
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The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF563/47 , SCF573/35 , SCF560/17 , SCF560/27 , SCF560/37 , SCF563/17 , SCF563/27 , SCF563/37 , SCF564/27 , SCF565/27 , SCF573/11 , SCF573/12 , SCF573/21 , SCF573/22 , SCF642/37 , SCF680/37 , SCF684/27 , SCF685/27 , SCF683/47 , SCF683/07 , SCF683/37 , SCF663/07 , SCF680/04 , SCF683/27 , SCF683/17 , SCF680/27 , SCF680/17 , SCF666/17 , SCF660/17 , SCF663/27 , SCF663/17 , SCF660/27 , SCF640/04 , SCF646/37 , SCF640/05 , SCF640/17 , SCF640/27 , SCF640/37 , SCF643/07 , SCF643/17 , SCF643/27 , SCF643/37 , SCF643/47 , SCF646/17 . more less

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