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My Philips DVDR goes to standby mode after 15 minutes

This set has an Auto-Standby feature that allows the set to automatically go to standby once playback has been stopped or paused for more than 10 minutes. By default, this option is turned ON and you can manually switch it OFF by performing the following: 1. Press HOME on the remote control. The Home menu appears. 2. Select { Settings } and press OK. The system settings menu appears. 3. Use the up/down buttons and select { Setup }. 4. Select { Auto standby } and select { OFF} to turn off Auto-Standby. Note: Auto-Standby will only activate when you stop/pause a playback or leave the set in the menu page for more than 10 mins.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR5500/05 .

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