9000 series 4K Razor-Slim OLED TV powered by Android

139 cm (55"), 4K Ultra-HD OLED TV, Quad Core, 16 GB & expandable, DVB T/C/T2/T2-HD/S/S2 55POS9002/12

Frequently Asked Questions

How to correct or prevent the display of a remaining image on an OLED TV screen?


The screen of an OLED TV is showing a remaining or temporarily “burned in” image. Remaining image can appear as horizontal or vertical lines/blocks due to a previously shown picture format (black bars of a film that was not shown in full screen) or any other shape from a previously shown picture.


By design, OLED displays tend to show a remaining image (known as burned-in image). This means that if images are statically displayed on the TV screen over a longer period (>20 minutes), these static parts of the image could remain visible and are temporarily “burned in”.

The Philips OLED TV is equipped with mechanisms to automatically recover the TV from this state, keeping the display in top shape and on a 100% functional level.

In order to correct or prevent images from burning in, ensure that:

● static images or images with static parts are not being displayed over a longer period (>20min)

● the TV stays connected to the power supply:

When the TV is switched OFF (standby mode) for 5 minutes, the TV’s automated recovery mechanisms will be initiated in the background.

Note: If the TV is switched OFF by disconnecting the TV from the power supply, these mechanisms will not be executed which may result in deteriorating display performance with increasing runtime.

OLED PC Monitor

To avoid long-term static displays of image, it is not advised to use an OLED TV as a PC monitor, unless the above operating conditions can be ruled out

Philips screen saver

If the TV is displaying a static image for more than 2 minutes, it will automatically start the screen saver (moving PHILIPS logo) in order to ensure that static images are not being displayed over a long period of time. Press any button on the Philips remote control to exit the screen saver.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 55POS9002/12 , 55POS901F/12 .

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