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My Philips SmartClean is overflowing

If you notice water leaking or overflowing from your SmartClean station, don't worry about it. We can help you with some tips below.

Shaver is not dry

Before placing your Philips shaver in the SmartClean system it is advised to rinse it.

Make sure you shake off the excess water after rinsing the shaver. Otherwise, the excess water can collect in the SmartClean cartridge causing it to overflow.

Cleaning fluid has leaked

It could be that the cleaning fluid inside the SmartClean cartridge has leaked in the device.

This can happen if the device is tilted while trying to plug in the charger.

Please make sure you take out the cartridge before tilting the SmartClean station.

To solve this issue you can take out the SmartClean cartridge and wipe the area dry with a clean, soft cloth. Put the cartridge back in the system again. Your SmartClean system should now be working fine.

If your SmartClean still continues to overflow then please contact us for further help.

The information on this page applies to the following models: S7311/66 , S9711/31 , S7921/51 , S5270/06 , S7710/26 , S5572/40 , S5572/10 , S5530/06 , S5240/06 , S5250/06 , CP0253/01 , S9211/12 , S9211/26 , S5100/06 , S5360/06 , S5210/06 , S5110/06 , S5130/06 , S7530/50 , S7370/12 , S720/17 , S5600/41 , S5420/06 , S5400/06 , S5340/06 , S5320/06 , S738/17 , CP9060/01 , S9031/26 , S9041/12 , S9111/43 . more less

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