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    A teat that works like a breast

    Our new Natural Response Baby Bottles let milk flow only when your baby actively drinks. So they can drink, swallow and breathe — just like breastfeeding.

    *NEW* Natural Response

    Works with your baby's natural rhythm

    The Baby drinks, swallows and breathes using their natural rhythm, like at the breast

    Breast-shaped teat

    Go with the right flow

    Our teats are designed to let the right amount of milk flow for your baby's development stage — from slow to fast flow.

    Getting started

    Be patient as your baby adjusts

    Our new Natural Response Baby Bottles are different from free-flow baby bottles. Like breastfeeding, it could take a few tries to get it right. That's perfectly natural.

    Let your little one be the guide

    Find the right flow rate

    For babies with a strong suckle, try a lower flow for a comfortable feed. Those who suckle softly might need a higher flow for more milk to flow more easily.

    Still available

    Still available

    Our new Natural Response Teat has been improved to work like a breast, not just feel like one. However, if you prefer, the original version of our Natural Teat is also still available.

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    Natural Response

    Your baby is unique — now their bottle is too

    Our Natural Response Teat lets babies drink with their own natural rhythm, like when breastfeeding.

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    Customer care

    All the tips & tricks, accessories & customer support you want

    Natural Response
    Natural Response


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