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    The best creative hair colour trends of 2017

    Here at Philips, our Beauty team are constantly looking for the latest (and greatest) hair trends around. This helps us stay on the ball, so that we’re always creating cool new innovations to help women get the look they want – and an added bonus is that we have plenty of hair-inspo for your next daring colour upgrade. So why not let our run down of the latest hair colour trends help you pick out a style?

    From peek-a-boo colour pops to magical mermaid locks, 2017 has given us a lot of gorgeous hair dye ideas to work with already. Let’s see …

    Blorange is the warm summer festival shade you’ve been looking for

    Rose gold’s more adventurous cousin, blorange is where blonde meets orange – and leaves you with a warm, sunset-like colour that’s actually pretty flattering. If your hair is already light, you can dip your toe in the water with a wash-in, wash-out dye before taking the permanent plunge.
    Blorange is the warm summer festival shade you’ve been looking for

    Ask for: If your colourist doesn’t speak portmanteau, try asking for a bronze, peach, coral, or copper pastel shade.

    Best for: Suits warm and cool skin tones alike, believe it or not. Much like the little black dress, this one’s a universal flatterer.

    Style it with: Apart from those lucky few born with platinum locks, most of us will need to go a shade lighter before the peachy shade is applied, so dryness is something to look out for. Protect your newly-lightened locks with the Philips DryCare Prestige MoistureProtect hairdryer: the in-built sensor automatically adapts the air temperature to keep up to 85% of your hair’s natural moisture in, leaving it with a healthy shine.

    Peek-a-boo: Surprise with a dyed undercut or colour pop

    Peek-a-boo: Surprise with a dyed undercut or colour pop

    Now you see it, now you don’t – hidden hair colour ideas like this neat peacock pattern or the sneakier secret rainbow hair are rising fast this year. Plausible deniability at work is a definite bonus.


    Ask for: Here you really need to take a picture (or a drawing) in with you – this one is hard to describe. Stalk your salon’s social feeds to make sure they’re up to the challenge.

    Best for: Like a back tattoo or a secret piercing, this is an exciting look that you can hide at will. So your hair is only ever as adventurous as you’re feeling.

    Style it with: Bleached undercuts are the easiest thing to customise – use temporary colour sprays or hair chalks to do something new every month. Or week. Or day.

    Slime roots. Yes, slime roots are a thing

    This one might be a bit tough to pull off, but at least it’s prettier than it sounds. Slime roots are a deep shade of green, fading out to another colour – sometimes green or blue, but magenta has been seen too. This is one of those ‘current’ hair colour trends that are best taken with a pinch of salt.
    Slime roots. Yes, slime roots are a thing

    Ask for: Slime roots, we guess?

    Best for: Brave souls. Or everyone else on Halloween.

    Style it with: This is an adventurous style, no question. But if you keep your hair healthy and shiny, you’ll always look glamourous. Style with Philips StraightCare Prestige Nutri Wonder straighteners if you can: they’re enriched with nourishing natural oils that sink into your locks as you use them, so you’re left with soft, glossy hair.

    Geode hair is the latest take on full-on-colour

    A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet – and geode hair is just as cool as similar on-trend hair colour ideas like ‘unicorn’ and ‘mermaid hair’. A gorgeous waterfall of colour, the ‘geode’ look blends iridescent amethyst and royal purple shades.


    Ask for: Most colourists will be on board with ‘mermaid’ hair if ‘geode’ doesn’t ring a bell. Bring in a picture and (if needed) colour charts so that your stylist can match them up.

    Best for: If you’re blending with your natural shade ombre-style, this trend looks best on dark hair. If the colour is root-to-tip, anyone can do it – just keep an eye on your roots.

    Style with: This style looks amazing with loose, beachy waves. Try twisting your hair into ringlets, before lightly pressing with Philips StraightCare Prestige Nutri Wonder straighteners.

    Ready to take the plunge with one of these new hair colour ideas? Don’t forget these tips from the Philips Beauty team:


    Use products designed for coloured hair.

    Dry on a low heat. The Philips DryCare Prestige MoistureProtect hairdryer is handy here, automatically changing the air temperature to protect your hair’s natural moisture.

    Apply a moisturising mask once a month.

    Straighten with care. Coloured hair can be dry, and heated tools can dry it out even more. The plates on the Philips StraightCare Prestige Nutri Wonder straightener are enriched with natural argan, camellia and avocado oils to prevent this, so you’re left with healthy, nourished (not frazzled) hair.


    That’s it! With these tips and our hair colour ideas in hand, you can be sure your new hairstyle is on-trend and healthy too. Go ahead and take the plunge!

    Ready to take the plunge with one of these new hair colour ideas?

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