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    How do I shave my facial hair with the Philips OneBlade?

    Published on 22 June 2023
    Both the Philips OneBlade and the OneBlade Pro can be used to shave your beard and moustache, providing you with a quick and easy clean-shaven look.

    Note: Philips OneBlade is designed to trim and shave facial and body hair. It is not intended for trimming or shaving the hair on your head (scalp). Please refer to Philips' selection of hair clippers and multi-groomers to find a product suitable for scalp hair.
    Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to shave using your Philips OneBlade or OneBlade Pro. Make sure that you remove any combs or guards from the appliance before you begin.
    1. Switch on the appliance.
    2. Gently but firmly place the flat surface of the blade against your skin.
    3. For best results, make long, smooth strokes with the appliance against the direction of hair growth. Note that not all hairs grow in the same direction, so you may need to make strokes in a number of directions to catch all of them.
    4. For a clean-shaven look, ensure that you shave your face and neck, including any hairs that grow behind your jawline (to check, try turning your head from side to side while looking in a mirror).
    5. Clean your OneBlade under the tap with warm water after every use, and allow it to air-dry.
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