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To use DreamMapper on your mobile device:

1. Use the Bluetooth in your DreamStation or attach a Bluetooth module* to your System One device**

2. Connect wirelessly via your device’s Bluetooth settings

3. Download DreamMapper and create an account:

To use DreamMapper on your computer:

1. Use the SD card included in your DreamStation or System One** device and insert it into your computer

2. Create an account by visiting eu.MyDreamMapper.com

3. Track your data by transferring the SD card between devices daily


Learn how to use the DreamMapper web app.

Download the web user guide

Learn how to use the DreamMapper mobile app.

Download the mobile user guide


*Bluetooth module sold separately

**The following devices are compatible with DreamMapper:

CPAP Devices:
DreamStation CPAP Pro
REMstar Pro C-Flex
DreamStation Auto CPAP
REMstar Auto A-Flex
BiPAP Devices:
BiPAP Auto Bi-Flex
BiPAP AutoSV Advanced System One